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AKG Launches Foldable Professional Headphone Range

Posted by Andrew Sorrill on

Foldable headphones are becoming increasingly popular, and from a convenience and travel standpoint they have a lot going for them. Musicians, Multimedia Content Providers, Sound Engineers and DJ’s can easily fold them away and bring their headphones with them.

HARMAN Professional Solutions has introduced the AKG foldable professional headphones line at the Prolight and Sound Show at Frankfurt. The objective has been to provide professional sound quality, comfort and high build-quality all within a highly portable package. 

“Today’s musicians and content creators are frequently on the move, and need headphones that can stand up to their mobile lifestyle,” said Philipp Schuster, Product Line Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “We’ve taken our legendary studio models and made them portable, with a foldable design that allows for easy transport."



Designed for content creators who need superb accuracy at an accessible price point, they come in three varieties; the closed-back K275, the semi-open-back K245 and the on-ear K175.

The headphones don’t just fold up into the headband either; the ear cups rotate so they can be stored flat in a laptop bag. The foldable design allows the headphones to fit into tight spaces such as travel bags, while also protecting the structural parts from damage.

AKG’s highly acclaimed, self-adjusting headband has also been preserved in the design process so the fit is not compromised. The foldable earphones also have slow retention foam ear pads for a more comfortable, secure fit.


All three headphone models offer best-in-class frequency response for unrivalled clarity and detail, making it easier to create mixes that translate well across different playback systems. And with best-in-class sensitivity and low impedance, the headphones deliver maximum output before distortion, even when playing music from lower-powered mobile devices, making them the ideal companion for both people listening to music on their devices as well as mobile music creators.


AKG Pro is imported and distributed exclusively in NZ by JPRO. The AKG foldable headphones range is now available in New Zealand.

Product Review

Well-known NZ engineer Milo Kerrigan was pleasantly surprised with the foldable K175's, finding them suitable for FOH duty. Read why he says that the AKG K175's are a game changer.

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