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Hollie Smith On Tour With AKG In-Ear Monitors and D7 Microphone

Posted by Joni Benton on

Hollie's latest album Water or Gold was recorded using the legendary C12VR Tube microphone and the AKG C314 multi-pattern large diaphragm microphone both of which showcase her powerhouse vocals.

After Hollie Smith's album release tour she is now on the road with her Water or Gold Acoustic Tour. Milo Kerrigan, Hollie's FOH engineer, has recently convinced Hollie to ditch the stage monitors and try wireless in-ears. AKG IVM4500 IEM is the only wireless in-ear monitoring system featuring binaural room simulation that provides musicians, vocalists and presenters with a uniquely natural listening experience, great for those who are new to in-ear's.

Milo comments “The duo gigs with Hollie have been next level! Combining the AKG D7 on vocals with the C314 on Gat and the AKG in ears has made such a difference! I've been really impressed with the in ears! They cope with her huge range and have been rock solid." Milo adds "Seriously it was incredible! The crowd were quiet and attentive so you could hear everything. She is singing so well with the in ears!"

Milo has also been using the AKG D7 microphone with Hollie Smith for several years now. The D7 is a dynamic microphone that sounds very "condenser-like", Milo comments “I was given an AKG D7 vocal mic to try with Hollie Smith and was stunned. There was just……more of her voice. The D7 is my go to now.” Milo adds "Being able to mix the tracks separately has helped but the D7 on her voice is just mint! I’m excited to mix again and just loving it!"

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