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JBL Professional Releases PRX800 V2 Firmware

Posted by Andrew Sorrill on

PRX800 customers spoke and JBL have listened. JBL Professional have announced their new free app and firmware update to the PRX800 series of powered portable loudspeakers.

The update makes JBL PRX800 loudspeakers sound even better than before! They have the best energy efficient drivers that make PRX800 the loudest in its class, along with tour grade components and wooden cabinet. It’s a great fit for DJ’s, musicians, hire companies and venue installations.

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JBL PRX800 Update
The PRX800 Firmware update includes:

Enhanced Bass Tuning (PRX812 and PRX815)
You will immediately notice a warmer and fuller tone and will be particularly impressed when playing bass-heavy music including pop, hip hop and EDM. (A flat tuning is also available.)

More Control over Input Gain (all models except subwoofers)
Line-level inputs now include options for Hi and Lo input sensitivity settings. Lo input sensitivity is preset by the update, which will result in louder playback by default without having to touch the Input Gain knob. You can switch to Hi input sensitivity, the previous default setting, with a simple flip of a switch in the PRX Connect App.


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PRX Models Available:

  • PRX812W 12" Powered 1500W 2-Way Loudspeaker
  • PRX815W 15" Powered 1500W 2-Way Loudspeaker
  • PRX825W Dual 15" Powered 1500W 2-Way Loudspeaker
  • PRX835W 15" Powered 1500W 3-Way Loudspeaker
  • PRX815XLFW 15" Powered 1500W Subwoofer
  • PRX818XLFW 18" Powered 1500W Subwoofer
JBL PRX800 Features:
  • Loudest in its class
  • Wooden construction
  • Tour grade durability and finish
  • Dent-resistant 16-gauge grilles
  • 12 suspension points
  • User input speaker delay settings
  • Connect via WiFi App for greater DSP and EQ control or use the easy to follow presets on the back of the speaker

JBL Professional is distributed and supported in NZ by JPRO.


Learn about the new features in the PRX800-Series v2 update that will make your live sound better than ever, also learn how to update your speakers via the PRXConnect app:


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