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Out and About in NZ with the JBL EON ONE PRO

Posted by Andrew Sorrill on



My Dear Watson hails from Wellington, New Zealand. Driven and directed by acoustic guitar and vocals; supported by textural soundscapes — My Dear Watson is the invention of indie folk artist Simon Watson, who has taken the portable battery powered JBL EON ONE PRO sound system through its paces in a series of pop up gigs (and a few busking sessions!) A great way to try out this all-in-one PA system.

Recently I had the privilege of trying out the battery powered JBL EON ONE PRO. This easy to use and great sounding personal PA system is fully portable - and I had an idea for how I might put it through its paces.

I have a new-ish EP out and I wanted to try and promote it a bit differently than the usual book-a-few-dates-at-clubs-and-beg-people-to-come model.  I’ve never really busked before but I thought - why not try and take my new EP to the streets?

My plan was simple - pop up gigs. That is, perform the 5 songs of my EP, with backing tracks, at various outdoor spots around Wellington.

To pull this off I would need a rig that

  • Could be set up and packed down quickly and easily
  • Was minimal and easily transported (extra points if it could all be taken by one person in one trip from the car to the performance spot)
  • Most importantly, sounded great

Let me tell ya, the JBL EON ONE PRO did not disappoint!

Upon receiving the unit I did a bunch of tests at home and was instantly impressed. Set up was as simple as fitting the extension pieces and array piece into the top of the main unit, plugging in and letting rip.

Getting a balance between the vocal and guitar channels was a breeze and I was pleasantly surprised by the onboard reverb. The hi-Z guitar inputs/mic pres, AUX outs, Bluetooth for playing music from your phone between sets and intuitive controls make for a tidy and easy to use package. The top array speakers were sweet and focussed and the punchy sub was more than ample for my needs.

Back to the pop up gigs. My live setup consisted of acoustic guitar, one vocal mic, my iPhone to play the backing tracks through the AUX output of the EON, some cheap and cheerful in-ear monitors for the click and backing tracks and of course the fully charged and fully portable JBL EON EON ONE PRO. All well and good at home but what about out in the real world with weather and real life humans listening?

My first pop up gig was on the Wellington the waterfront behind Te Papa and the set up worked a treat! Once I found a spot, set up and pack down were quick and easy. I could carry the whole rig by myself in one trip from the car (extra points!) and it sounded great! I didn’t need to find a power outlet to plug into as it runs on the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It absolutely cranked, volume wise, and there was still plenty of headroom. I could happily play for over six hours before the system would need a recharge.

Since then I have done other pop up gigs, house parties and even taken it to a family reunion and used the Bluetooth function to blast out tunes for the kiddies to dance to. It really is a system that is suited for every occasion.

If you are looking for ease of use, minimalism, power and portability for your solo or duo act or public address needs — actually the list goes on as I can think of cafe gigs, marriage celebrants, schools, stud shows, outdoor gym class instructors and more — I would highly recommend the battery powered JBL EON EON ONE PRO.

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