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AKG Artist: Hollie Smith's Gear

 About Hollie Smith

Hollie Smith currently tours with AKG D7 dynamic vocal microphone for band gigs and the AKG C7 condenser microphone for acoustic gigs.  She also uses the AKG WMS4500 wireless in-ear monitor system with custom fitted earphones.

“I’m loving my C314 - it has a great tone at any dynamic range. It’s now the go-to in my studio”

"D7 microphone making my life on tour easier!!"

"Touring made simple with AKG C7 & 4500 ears"

Hollie Smith


I was recently given an AKG D7 vocal mic to try with Hollie Smith and was stunned. There was just……more of her voice. The D7 is my go to now.”

Milo Kerrigan, Front of House engineer for Hollie Smith




Hollie Smith On Tour With AKG In-Ear Monitors and D7 Microphone

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