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AKG & JBL Artist: Jeremy Redmore's Gear

"When I first got the chance to sample a whole range of AKG microphones, it was an experience that opened my eyes. I'd compare it to never quite having the money or opportunity to sample a range of single malts in order to find the one that you like and that suits your style. I've now found my preferred single malt in the D7, a microphone that makes me never worry about how I'm sounding at a live show.

I'm also a big user of my home recording setup in order to demo song ideas for mine and my clients' references. Before releasing my first solo record I ran a kind of survey on my blog called "Demo Wars" that asked for my fans to give their opinions on song ideas which, in turn, influenced which tracks I took to the studio to form my album. With both the Perception 420 and 170 and a pair of incredible JBL LSR305 studio monitors, these demos have now been taken to whole new level of sound and professionalism. I've also spent much of 2015 both travelling the world and recording an EP with a producer in New York - while I'm not always in that city, with these microphones I'm able to record quality tracks at home to send to my producer; without which the record would never have gotten off the ground."  Jeremy Redmore

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