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DBX 676 1 Ch Vacuum Tube Mic Pre Channel Strip


  • $2,19800

We at dbx Professional Products are proud to introduce the all new 676 Tube Mic Pre Channel Strip. The 676 represents all of the best of dbx’s more than 40 years of dynamics processing.

The 676 offers a pristine high-voltage, Class-A tube preamp section that runs on 250 volts, so your signal can be as crystal clean or dirty as you need it to be. The 676 also incorporates the compressor/limiter design from the highly-sought after dbx162SL, as well as a 3-band parametric EQ with sweepable mids.

The 676 provides audio professionals with the perfect channel strip for recording and live applications alike with its military-grade build and vintage-inspired controls, VU metering and state-of-the-art optional digital output card.


Due to its sheer versatility, the 676 would be a great addition to the studio for anyone looking to invest in a quality mono analogue input option for a touch of flavour on the way into their DAW.

Adding a touch of analogue colour and some tasteful EQ & compression at the recording stage will allow your tracks to sit better amongst instrumentation from the get go, requiring less work in the mix. Having the 676 available as a hardware insert means that use of real dbx 162SL style compression is at your fingertips for any mono instrument, brilliant for lightning fast characteristics that are hard to achieve with plugins.

Dave Johnston Industry Liaison SAE Auckland. He is also a musician as well as a freelance music producer & audio engineer.

Read the full review by Dave Johnston


Smooth Pre sound, very clean and neutral - very versatile in our opinion.  We would have one in the studio with no hesitation. Seems to be at the right price point and it does what you ask of it. 

Gary Jackson Qualified Sound



  • Class-A Vacuum Tube Preamp with High Voltage Gain
  • High-Visibility Vintage VU Meter
  • Compressor designed from the dbx162SL
  • 3-Band Semi-Parametric EQ
  • 1/4” and XLR Inputs and Outputs
  • Front Panel Instrument Input
  • Side Chain Insert


  • Mic Preamp Connector Female XLR Pin 2 Hot; Electronically balanced/unbalanced
  • Mic Preamp Input Impedance 1.9 kΩ
  • CMRR >85 dB from 20 Hz to 3 kHz, >70 dB from 3 kHz to 20 kHz
  • Instrument Input Connector Tip-Sleeve ¼” Jack
  • Input Type (instrument) Unbalanced
  • Instrument Input Impedance 500 k Ω
  • Max Input (instrument) +21dBu unbalanced
  • Preamp Insert Connector Tip-Ring-Sleeve ¼”, RF filtered
  • Preamp Insert Type Unbalanced, Tip = send, Ring = return
  • Line Outputs (Preamp & Compressor/Limiter) Connector Male XLR and Tip-Ring-Sleeve ¼” (Pin 2 and Tip hot)
  • Line Outputs (Preamp & Compressor/Limiter) Type Servo-balanced/unbalanced
  • Line Outputs (Preamp & Compressor/Limiter) Impedance Balanced 30 Ω, unbalanced 15 Ω
  • Line Outputs (Preamp & Compressor/Limiter) Maximum Output Level > +21 dBm (into a 600 ohm load)
  • Compressor Sidechain Insert Connector Tip-Ring-Sleeve ¼”, RF filtered
  • Compressor Sidechain Insert Type Unbalanced, Ring = output, Tip = input
  • Compressor Sidechain Insert Impedance 1 kΩ (output), 50 kΩ (input)
  • Vacuum Tube Type 12AU7A / ECC82


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