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About Us

JPRO is a family of guys and gals who love music and all things audio.  We have a theatre audio engineer, an AV specialist, a couple of live sound audio engineers, a singer and several guitarists.  It goes without saying that we love audio products that will make your music and live PA sound great.  That is why we are all passionate about the brands that we sell. 

For more than 30 years JPRO has lead the way in New Zealand, supporting musicians, businesses and institutions with their commercial and professional audio requirements.The JPROSHOP offers the Harman Professional Retail product range which includes Portable PA and Studio Recording products.

Music Retail in New Zealand has changed dramatically over the last 5-10 years, most research is done online, you want your gear quickly and at a competitive price.  So we and our network of Trusted Resellers throughout New Zealand are cutting our costs to offer you authentic Harman Pro brands at competitive pricing, with full NZ warranty, fantastic customer service, quick shipping turnaround and our comprehensive warranty and after sales service - so if something goes wrong you don't have to send your gear back overseas for repair.

If you buy from JPRO or one of our Trusted Resellers you will get:

  • Expert technical customer service – from the first sale to back up service
  • Full NZ manufacturer’s warranty with access to parts and servicing
  • Authentic Harman Pro audio products from the Exclusive NZ distributor

Look out for these Trusted Reseller Logos to make sure you are getting an authentic Harman product with full NZ warranty: 





JPRO has registered with 3D Secure which provides an extra layer of security when purchasing.

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