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dbx DI1 Active DI Box


  • $15900

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The dbx Di1 is a compact high-quality active direct injection box (DI Box). Ideal for both studios and on the road, the Di1 will ensure audio signals reach their intended destination in both a balanced format and free from unwanted noise.

Matches unbalanced audio signals to balanced. Connect the output from electric guitars, bass amplifiers, keyboards, etc, directly to a console mixer.

Built for toughness and reliability, the Di1 has all the features of a fully featured gig-ready workhorse DI unit.



dbx Di1 is the ideal DI Box for musicians who want to spend less time setting up and more time focusing on their music. Unlike ordinary DI Boxes, the Di1 has embedded HARMAN ioSYS technology which enables it to automatically recognise and configure with the HARMAN Connected PA app and system of products, to take the guesswork out of setting up and getting consistently great sound.

Current products with embedded ioSYS technology and HARMAN Connected PA compatibility include the Soundcraft Ui-series mixers, JBL PRX800 loudspeakers, dbx Di1 direct boxes, and AKG P5i microphones and the MDAi dynamic microphone adapter.


Recommended for: Studio, Tour, Portable.



  • Robust build, ideal for both studios and on the road
  • Compatible with HARMAN Connected PA
  • Accepts Phantom Power or 9 Volt battery
  • Phantom/Battery LED indicator
  • Matches unbalanced line level signals to balanced mic level





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