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JBLPOLE-GA Gas Assist Adjustable Speaker Pole

JBLPOLE-GA Gas Assist Adjustable Speaker Pole


  • $36200

Gas Assist Speaker Pole with M20 Threaded Lower End, 38mm Pole & 35mm Adapter

The JBLPOLE-GA is the easiest speaker stand to use thanks to the internal pneumatic shock that literally raises the speaker for you. The stand’s internal shock easily raises speakers weighing 15 kgs and less with no effort from the user. And, the JBLPOLE-GA requires very little effort from the end user to raise speakers weighing more than 15 kgs.

When you’re ready to lower the speaker, we’ve provided a convenient and ergonomic hand grip from which you can lower the speaker – with just one hand. There’s never been an easier, more convenient, or safer way to set up and tear down speakers.

JBLPOLE-GA is manufactured out of extruded double-drawn 6000 Series aluminum tubing, which makes them incredibly strong but surprisingly light.



  • JBLPOLE-GA — Black
  • Height: 965mm - 1473mm
  • Weight Capacity: 34 kg
  • Top: 38mm Pole with 35mm Adapter
  • Bottom: M20x2.5mm Thread
  • Fits all JBL EON, PRX, SRX, and VTX Subwoofers


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